Classes That Change Bodies & Change Lives!

October Schedule

Bring a Friend FREE Every Tuesday & Thursday to any CLASS


8am- HIIT Spin-  Kristin (45 Min)

4:30pm- Spin 40-  Meg (40 Min)


5:30am-HIIT Spin- Kristin (45 Min)

4:30pm Lift to Lean Group Training- Kristin (30 Min)


5:30am- Physio Resistance- D  (45 Min)

8am- Boxing Bootcamp- Kristin (45 Min) 

4:30pm- Boxing Bootcamp- Meg (40 Min)


5:30am- Spin 45  (45 Min)

8am- Bootcamp- Kristin (45 Min)


5:30am- Lift to Lean Group Training -Kristin (45 Min)

Saturday- 8:15am Bootcamp- D (45 Min)

Cycle Reservations- Text 440-222-2267

6:45am Monday for Tuesday 5:30am ride.

Wednesday 6:45am for Thursday 5:30am rides.

The 8am and 430pm rides must be reserved by 6pm the day before a scheduled ride.

Gloves are suggested for any of our boxing boot camp classes.

There is an extra fee for Lift to Lean Group Training.