Classes That Change Bodies & Change Lives!

April Schedule (Starts April 8th!)


5:30a.m- Triple Threat- Kristin (text sign-up required)

8:30am- Physio Body Blast- Kristin

6:15pm-Butts & Guts- Megan


5:30am-TRX Bootcamp- D

4:30pm- Tumbling- Kristin (ages 8-11)

4:30pm Fitkids (ages 7-12)


5:30am- Spin 45- Kristin (text sign-up required)

8:30am- Cardio Blast- Kristin

6:15pm-Cardio/Core Physio- Megan


5:30am- Resistance Physio- D

8:30am- Butts & Guts- Megan

4:30pm- FITKIDS- Megan (Ages 7-12)


5:30am- Ladies Lift To Lean Training Group-Kristin (FULL)


7:15am- HOT Spin- Kristin (text sign-up required)

8:45am- Bootcamp- D

9:30am- NGS Mini Fitness/Tumble- Megan

Cycle reservations, text Kristin 440-222-2267

Saturday Morning @ 10am for Monday rides

Tues [email protected] 6:45am for Wednesday rides

Thursday [email protected] 6:45am for Saturday Rides

There is an added cost for Lean Training, Fitkids, Mini Fitness, and all tumbling classes.