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At NGS, we provide a  unique & personable approach to Fitness and Training!


Personal Training

One on one fitness training with the body transformation specialists at NGS. We will provide measurements, meal planning and customized workouts based on your fitness needs.

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            Group Training

Join a small group of individuals in a training session that have similar goals and current fitness levels. A more affordable way to receive fitness training.

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Get stronger, faster, quicker, improve vertical and agility with our sports-specific training for all sports. All programs are injury prevention as a focal point. Increase mobility, flexibility, enhanced movement for a better athlete. Certified Youth training and certified speed\agility specialist.

NGS we know speed!!!!!!

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Improve cheer techniques, strength, power, flexibility and jumps. We offer private sessions and team sessions.

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            Group X classes

We offer a broad range of group classes tailored to fit all fitness levels. Physio ball fitness, kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, trx boot camps, boxing and more.

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Online Personal Training

NGS offers online personal and group training as another affordable training option. Workout in the comfort of your own and own schedule.

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Ready to surpass those fitness goals? NGS is the answer!

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website. NGS is a family owned and operated private training facility. Our drive and passion for fitness, has allowed us to create a unique a personable approach to fitness training. At NGS, we challenge every individual to step out of their comfort zone because only then can progress exceed expectations. We are a hands on facility that takes a vested interest in each and every member/client that joins the NGS Family.

Latest Fitness News

Learn why strength training might be the best option for you.

Why personal training?

January 12, 2019
If you lack direction or have hit the plateau with getting the weight off, personal training with an established direction may be for you. Strength training helps build lean muscle and keep the weight off for good. Excessive cardio without the presence of weight training and proper eating habits, will cause your body to burn what lean muscle you do have. This very cycle in turn causes your body fat to increase. So while you may think that the pounds you have lost are phenomenal, in reality your body is worse off. Lean muscle increases resting metabolic rate that allows you to burn more calories. Sounds like a win win because it is. So in conclusion, do not spend all day on cardio only, but add the weights to boost that metabolism and work for you, not against you.

What are members/Clients saying?

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Highly recommended. I actually enjoy working out. Amazing team of trainers and a great class variety in both workout style and times. Comfortable atmosphere and fun classes. They are determined to help you get the most out out of your workouts and ask what your personal goals are. Great for all age groups and fitness levels. Thanks for helping me slowly remove "cant" from my vocabulary!
Angela Phares
Medical Physicist
Experts in training! Great facility! Kick your but classes!  NGS is great!
Shari Kuhn
Dame has helped me tremendously with my functional strength, pitching mechanics and has packed on 26lbs of muscle in the last year to prepare me for Division I baseball at Coastal Carolina. My coaches were super impressed with my off-season workouts coming into my freshman year. Super tough workouts but he is a genius in bringing out the best in you. I highly recommend him!!
Trevor Damron

Student/Athlete Coastal Carolina